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I always have and always will, have the sort of mind that sees what isn’t there.

When I look at the ocean I see mermaids, in the woods I see fairies, and every animal great and small instantly has a personality and purpose within this magical world.

Fortunately I have a family that indulge and support my ventures into this world. They are my greatest fans and biggest critics when needed!

I have always loved art in all its forms, and had hoped to pursue a career with these skills, but decided to follow a path in healthcare as a Radiographer and then a Sonographer.

Art is in the soul though, so it was bound to resurface, and after the birth of my boys, I had time to see the world as I had in my childhood days, and the creations began!

I began needle felting approximately 5 years ago, and if you fancy seeing my creations, please pop to my sister site I started sketching my felt creations when I didn’t have time to make them instantly or wanted to plan a creation, and then the paints came out!

Water colours had always terrified me previously, as I found them far too unpredictable, but when I returned to them, I discovered the endless possibilities of those unpredictable qualities, and the pleasure of combining metallic watercolours, coloured pencils and pastels to create the visions I imagined.

I take take great pleasure from the magic that metallic paints can add to a picture and therefore hand embellish each print to replicate this quality on every print.

I also have a great passion for home furnishings and have begun dabbling in seamless repeat patterns.

The application of my illustrations is constantly evolving and I look forwards to seeing how this journey unfolds!

When I’m creating a new illustration, there is always a narrative to each piece which evolves along the way. My children are a huge source of inspiration, always discussing the possibilities and magical eqlements that might be woven into the painting. When a painting is completed, I always imagine other children discussing these paintings with their parents and creating their own magical paths through the images they gaze upon.

Thank you very much for taking the time to pop by and read about my story so far! If you have a custom request, please feel free to contact me for chat!

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