Fairies and Forests

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Fairy hunts and forest dwelling creatures inspire a lot of the original artwork you will find in my Fairies and Forests range.

Characters will often emerge after a stroll through our local woods, which can result in ditties being frantically recorded in my phone, or children being given the mission of reminding me of our musings once we return home!

Mystical Fairies & Magical Artwork for Adults & Children Alike

Whether its mystical fairies you desire, Hares in welly boots or foxes in scarves, you will find it all here.  These are prints created to fuel your imagination and that of the small people in your life.

I strongly believe that magic is not age specific though and is equally as appealing to young children as it is to adults.

Original Felix Fox Art Prints

Felix fox is a rather cheeky little character who has evolved over many years.  He is a fox unafraid of convention and has a rather determined personality.  He is always unapologetically himself and is equally as happy in a scarf and boots as he is in a mermaid tail or fairy dress!

My Beautiful World of Mermaids, Fairies and Forests

The fairies depicted in the prints hold a special place in nature and can always be found working with a special wildlife friend.  Much like the mermaids here, they are caretakers of our beautiful world, and hope to provoke thoughts around this subject.

Why not add your Personalised Message to a loved one

Many of the prints on this page can be personalised to any extent you would like.  Names of characters can be changed to suit the recipient, or you could even include a poem of your own!

I often paint how a place makes me feel rather than create a literal interpretation and this can be seen in the Magic of the Lakes print.  This was inspired by stunning Derwent Water in the Lake District which never fails to immerse a person in nature and wonder. I expect more in this series will develop shortly!

I hope you enjoy browsing through Forests and Fairies! Keep checking back with us, as I am positive this will be a collection which grows and grows!

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